At tonight’s McKinney Planning and Zoning meeting commissioners approved a site plan for the expansion of the John and Judy Gay Library.

According to the site plan, the expansion will take place on 160.31 acres in the McKinney community park addition, located at 6861 Eldorado Parkway.

Approval of this site plan comes after a bond that was approved in 2015 for the expansion and renovation of the library.

“Libraries today are changing, they are not the way they used to be,” Architect Tony Blaas said during the meeting. “If you go into John and Judy Gay [Library], it’s the busiest library we have here.”

Director of Libraries for the city of McKinney Spencer Smith said once complete, the library will be 19,265 square feet and have an additional 148 parking spaces.

The expansion of the library will create an outdoor program space for toddlers and children, as well as additional sections for adults and two multipurpose rooms.

“From the time of groundbreaking we do anticipate a 12-month to 13-month construction process,” Smith said.

McKinney City Council will consider the approval of this site plan during a meeting Sept. 4.