U.S. Postal Service to add 75072 ZIP code to McKinney


Editor’s note: This article has been updated to read, “Addresses south of Virginia Parkway, north of Eldorado Parkway and west of US 75 will be affected.”

On July 1, some McKinney businesses and homes within the 75070 ZIP code will be converted to the new 75072 ZIP code.

This change will affect 18,676 residential addresses and 158 businesses, according to the city of McKinney. Addresses south of Virginia Parkway, north of Eldorado Parkway and west of US 75 will be affected.

Addresses along Virginia Parkway will remain in the 75071 ZIP code, and addresses on Eldorado Parkway and west of US 75 will remain with the 75070 ZIP code.

ZIP codes are designated by the USPS and the city has no influence in this change, according to the city of McKinney.

    • Cassidy Ritter

      Hi Nick,

      The article has been updated. Thank you for reaching out and clarifying.

      -Cassidy Ritter

    • Hi Tonya,

      Thank you for your comment. According to the city of McKinney, the city will make ZIP code changes for the affected residents within the utility billing department. Residents will, however, need to notify other correspondents of the new ZIP code change.

      Hope this helps,
      Cassidy Ritter

  1. My question is why don’t they assign the new zip code number to new areas in McKinney instead of old areas. People living in the areas affected have to change everything! With the UP Postal system mail is hard to get now I can’t imagine what it will be like with the new zip code if we don’t change absolutely everything,

  2. Living in Fairview, we have continuous problems having a 75069 zip code. Mail is late or returned
    “undeliverable”. The McKinney postal service has become a joke in our neighborhood. Numerous
    letters have been written concerning the issue, Not one response.

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