McKinney City Council makes it easier for food trucks to operate in the city


McKinney City Council amended the city’s code of ordinances related to temporary uses at an Oct. 17 meeting, making it easier for food trucks and food truck parks to operate in the city. The amendment includes information regarding permitting, location of the food truck or parks, and hours of operation.

Under the ordinance, food trucks may engage in sales operations from 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Food truck courts, which are defined as a property used or developed to accommodate one or more food trucks as the primary use of the property, can engage in sales operations from 7 a.m.-midnight.

Exceptions to this ordinance include a “special event that is properly licensed pursuant to a special event permit issued by the city,” such as if the food truck is a vendor at a permitted farmers’ market or is located on public property at the request of the property owner.

An approved version of this portion of the code can be found here.

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  1. McKinney does NOT want food trucks or carts in its town. It policies make it impossible for trucks and carts to sell in mckinney which in itself is unconstitutional. Sooo dissapointing

Cassidy Ritter
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