George Fuller: A Q&A with the McKinney mayoral candidate

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George Fuller is running for the mayor's seat in the upcoming McKinney City Council elections. Early voting begins April 24 and Election Day is May 6. Fuller is running against Mayor Pro Tem Randy Pogue and Danny Bishop. Current McKinney Mayor Brian Loughmiller has reached his term limit for the position.


I am a builder and business owner leading the revitalization of Adriatica

Why are you running for McKinney City Council?

I have the leadership and skill set crucial to successful growth and business development in our city. I am a passionate business man that takes action and achieves results. I do not like the trend we are on as over the last 4 years our commercial tax base has dropped from the already low percentage of 23 percent to 19 percent. We need leadership that can reverse this trend.

What issues do you feel the city will face within the next few years?

We are amending our comprehensive plan 2040 and overhauling our zoning and ordinances. This process will shape the growth of this city for the next 20 years and beyond. McKinney needs leadership that understands land and business while maintaining the integrity and character of our "Unique by Nature" city. We have transportation and mobility issues to contend with on both a local and regional basis. Our tax rate [is crippling] the residential owner and proper development will play a significant role in mending the burden.

If elected, how would you address those issues?

[I will] work closely with staff, and lean on the rich and diverse pool of intellectual talent in our city. We need to change the culture at city hall where we do not empower the staff we hire to do the job they are hired to do. McKinney has suffered tremendous staff turnover as a result of instability in our government processes. We have a council/city manager form of government, we need to operate as such and improve the efficiency with which we work with our corporate and public partners.

What qualifications do you possess that make you a prime candidate for the position?

I am a family man, a business person, a musician, a nonprofit leader and a city leader. I have been actively engaged in McKinney for the past 25 years.

Since 2010, I have been leading the revitalization and construction of Adriatica Village, delivering nearly $100 million in tax base made up of residential, office buildings, retail shops, restaurants, event centers and medical facilities.

I have spent five years on the McKinney Community Development Corporation and as chairman, I brought forward a partnership to develop and open PSA McKinney, a youth sports complex that is now serving nearly a third of the children in our community. During my tenure, our mayor also charged me with the responsibility of leading the design and planning efforts of the Apex Aquatics and Fitness Project now open in our community. I serve on the chamber of commerce board of directors. I am also an active board of trustees member for Meals on Wheels here in Collin County and I serve as the president of the Stonebridge Commercial Association. Twenty-five years ago, my wife Maylee and I co-founded the Love Life Foundation, a non-profit that benefits at-risk women and children in our community. I bring an understanding of community growth. I will lead in casting a vision that captures what we all hope McKinney to be.