When construction started at the end of January on the new mixed-use development located just south of the square in downtown McKinney, parking in downtown McKinney took a hit as 350 parking spaces became unavailable.

The parking spaces were located at the corner of Davis and Tennessee streets and near the annex building next to Chestnut Square Historic Village near Chestnut and Tennessee streets on property colloquially called the 9-acre site.

The first phase of construction on the mixed-use development is expected to last roughly 12-18 months, and during that time city officials said downtown will be short those 350 spaces. The city’s parking committee, along with City Council, have been working to address the lack of spaces by working to provide additional parking lots on the north side of the square.

City officials said those parking-relief efforts are still underway and include the leasing of private property for additional parking, design of a parking garage near Chestnut and Virginia streets, and the re-enforcement of three-hour parking limits.

For more information on where to park downtown and the city’s efforts to supply more parking, click here.

For more information about the mixed-use development, read our story here.



350 parking spots in downtown McKinney no longer available


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