For 25 years, Denise McGough worked in finance and information technology; however, in 2023 she started a new career when she purchased a pet resort business, transforming it into Fetch Me Later Pet Resort.

The backstory

McGough had a successful career in information technology, but said she was ready to move on.

She decided it was time to pursue a pet resort and considered building her own business.

However, the owner of Woodland Park Pet Resort was looking to sell his business and McGough said their values aligned.

“It was perfect,” she said.

What’s in a name?

McGough wanted the name of the pet resort to be fun. She had compiled a list of names but nothing sounded right.

“I was taking a class on social media at Collin College and sitting in class thinking, ‘What would the name be?” McGough said. “It just came to me. ‘Fetch Me Later.’”

What’s special about it?

Dogs that visit Fetch Me Later Pet Resort are treated in the way that makes them feel most comfortable, McGough said.

“Every dog is unique,” she said. “It's important to me that when parents trust us, that we are responsible and fulfill exactly what we say we’re going to.”

Each staff member treats the dogs boarded at the facility as if it was their own, McGough said, adding that she will take dogs that need special attention home to ensure they are given the proper level of care.

What they offer

Along with boarding, day care and grooming services, Fetch Me Later Pet Resort is launching a new service called Dog of Honor.

Because many couples want their dogs to be a part of their wedding ceremony, the new services will ensure that dogs are cared for and where they need to be before, during and after the ceremony.

Quote of Note

“The staff that work here and the dogs that are here are treated the way we tell parents we’re going to treat them,” McGough said. “Every dog we admit into the facility has a different personality ... Every dog has a different experience here because every dog needs a different experience.”