Neighbor Books is set to open in downtown McKinney this summer.

The details

Neighbor Books will offer a wide selection of general fiction and nonfiction books ranging from classics to contemporary best-sellers, according to a news release.

The store will also offer a “robust children’s section” and will offer weekly storytimes, owner Joey Honescko said. Book clubs and other local events will be held at the shop as well, according to the release. The store will also offer drinks including tea and coffee.

“This was one of the few things missing downtown, just a good local bookstore,” Honescko said. “Having that will be just another complement to the things that are going on down there.”

Neighbor Books will also offer a membership program that will include benefits such as free drip coffee, discounts and complimentary local shipping, according to the release.

The shop is owned by Honescko and his wife, Ginny, who are residents of Historic Downtown McKinney.

“I just can't express enough how excited we are just to be able to offer something to McKinney,” Honescko said. “We just ... love this place so much”

Diving deeper

The shop will be located in the space currently occupied by Carpe Diem Comics. Shelving and seating will be added but no significant changes are planned for the space, Honescko said.

“The building is from ... the late 1800s, so we don't want to mess with a whole lot there,” he said. “It's so beautiful as it is.”

Honescko said the store will act as a place that fosters conversations and interactions about literature.

“We love the potential of what a bookstore can do,” he said. “It's this overlap between people and ideas.”

The name of the store, Neighbor Books, was inspired by the “neighbor mentality,” which connects people based on proximity and despite their differences, Honescko said.

“There's something lost, at times, in the digital world where we can sort of be removed from this neighbor mentality,” he said. “Our hope is that what we'll see through Neighbor [Books is] that there's more that ... unites us, even if we are coming from all these differences.”