Lindsey Horton is a senior designer at KBM Designs, an interior design firm based in downtown McKinney. KBM Designs offers design services ranging from designing ground-up construction to accessorizing individual rooms, she said.

Horton talked about the process of using an interior designer as well as popular recent design trends.

What are the most popular project requests you get?

It’s hard to answer that because there are so many different ones. I’d say lately it’s been helping with remodels. We do a lot of kitchen remodels and a lot of bathroom remodels.

What should the client know or do before contacting a designer?

They should at least have an idea of what they want. A lot of clients don’t, and that’s hard to kind of understand them and who they are and what they like and what they want. It’s really important that they almost do their homework a little and figure out “OK, what is it that I need from the designer? What are some things I like?” We encourage people to look at Pinterest and see if there’s different styles that you gravitate towards. That’s a big thing is just to do your homework and kind of be prepared so that we’re not wasting time and money as we work on a project together.

How long can an interior design process take?

If we’re building a house, a year. I will say a lot has changed since COVID[-19]. COVID[-19] slowed things down a lot, but things are picking back up as far as shipping times go. If it’s just a simple remodel, probably six to eight weeks. I’d say if it’s something like, “Hey, I just want you to come redo my bedroom, and we need all-new furniture and bedding,” I’d say a few weeks, just depending on if the client is prepared, if things are in stock, if it’s a good match. It just depends on the project.

What are a few weekend-long home projects?

It’s a simple answer, but I think something like paint can go a long way. It’s easy, it’s cheap, even if it’s just like, “Hey, I’m going to do a fun paint color in my powder bath or an accent wall in the bedroom.” Something that I do a lot, just to kind of give a change without really spending any money, is moving your furniture around. I mean just simple furniture placement and moving chairs or accessories or [a] sofa, just kind of [changing] the layout will make a big difference.

What are some design changes or trends you have seen in the last year?

Not as much gray. You know, I think even just a few years ago, everything was gray and white. Not that gray is totally going away, but we’re not seeing gray as much. People are starting to kind of gravitate towards the warmer tones, and I wouldn’t say gold, but you know if they are going to pull it in gray, it’s going to be a warmer gray versus a cooler gray.

What is your best design tip?

Just stay true to yourself. It’s easy to get influenced by turning on the [television] and watching HGTV and seeing all these different cool ideas out there, but at the end of the day, it’s your home. It’s your sanctuary. You need to love it, so just stay true to who you are and what you like.

How can homeowners customize a new construction home to their personal style?

Cabinetry is a big one—doing any sort of custom cabinets, really anything custom, custom furniture. A lot of our clients like to incorporate vintage and antique, you know, whether it’s a door like a barn door or a door to a pantry. Anything just to kind of set it apart, like taking a pair of antique doors and making it into a barn door or into your bedroom [door]. Just anything to kind of set it apart from the typical, standard, normal house.

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