The owners of Daydream Hair Studio in east McKinney started their own salon after failing to find an existing salon where they loved to work, co-owner Demi Rowe said.

Rowe, along with Elyse Heijligers and Jessica Dickerson, opened Daydream Hair Studio in May 2021. The trio had worked together previously at a different salon and wanted to find a place where they could continue to work together.

When they were not able to find the right spot for them, they decided to open their own salon. The opening of the salon was during both the COVID-19 pandemic as well as during Rowe and Heijligers’ maternity leave periods, Rowe said.

“We just knew we’d had a lot of success as hairstylists, and we just knew that we could do it. We felt confident that our clients were going to keep coming to us,” Rowe said.

The hair salon is located near McKinney’s historic downtown square. The location offers a unique space that fits the salon’s needs, such as ample parking for clients, Rowe said.

“We chose to grow in downtown McKinney because we loved the culture and community that it fosters,” Dickerson said.

The atmosphere of the salon aims to be inclusive and welcoming, as if a client’s time getting their hair done is an escape from everyday life, Rowe said.

“With our clients, yes, they’re clients, but they’re also our friends in a way. We spend our days with them. We know so much about their lives, and they know so much about our lives,” Rowe said.

The salon has eight stylists, including the owners, and offers a variety of services, such as hair color, balayage, highlights, extensions, up-styles and more.

The business is also a family salon, offering women’s, men’s and children’s haircuts, Rowe said.

“Most of our clients feel comfortable here and enjoy being here,” Heijligers said. “Prioritizing your experience here is just as important as what your hair looks like.”

The salon is also an open-concept salon. This format was intentional to promote collaboration between the stylists, Rowe said.

“Having the open space and just being able to see what each other’s doing, being able to easily ask for advice, that was really important to us,” Rowe said.

As the hair studio has grown, Rowe has considered that the future of Daydream Hair Studio may include a move to a bigger space to accommodate more stylist stations. They are also considering implementing an apprenticeship program for new hairstylists, Rowe said.

Business information:

Daydream Hair Studio, 206 S. Kentucky St., Ste. 100, McKinney.


Hours: hours vary Mon.-Sat.; by appointment only; closed Sun.