A new exhibit, “Created in Collin” is coming to the Collin County History Museum in McKinney this March.

The exhibit spans the entire timeline of the county, from its inception until present day, and will feature the people, products and ideas that began in Collin County, Executive Director Kristin Spalding said. The exhibit's content will include information about locally created products and food as well as impactful people from Collin County, such as entertainers, artists, athletes, educators and more.

“I'd like everyone to see themselves in this exhibit as well. I would like them to find some little piece of it that appeals to them, or that ... inspires them,” Spalding said.

The exhibit will also include sections dedicated to "Benji," a movie filmed in downtown McKinney that was also recently commemorated with a statue on the downtown square. The contributions to Collin County by automotive designer and entrepreneur Carroll Shelby will also be featured, Spalding said.

“I really want to inspire people to remember what they may have already known, or maybe be surprised. Even if just one thing is a surprise to them, I'm excited.”

The exhibit is expected to open sometime in March, Spalding said. The Collin County History Museum in McKinney, located at 300 E. Virginia St., is a free museum that will be open to the public on Thursday, Friday and Saturday weekly following the opening of the new exhibit. 972-542-9457. www.collincountyhistorymuseum.org