Prime IV Hydration and Wellness is expected to open its first McKinney location.

The Colorado-based franchise offers intravenous therapy and intramuscular injections, which provide vitamins, hydration and more, according to its website. The business, located at 3194 University Drive, Ste. 500, is expected to open in April, owner Kim Rosiek said.

Prime IV Hydration and Wellness offers over 10 drip types, according to its website. The business’s infusion therapy treatments can boost metabolism, support heart health, increase energy levels and more, Rosiek said. Each client receives a consultation that helps create a personalized plan to achieve their wellness goals, Rosiek said.

“We want to alleviate ailments of the mind and body in a natural and safe way. We're looking to achieve the next level of wellness,” Rosiek said.

Clients can buy individual treatments or membership packages. The facility offers a spa-like environment, and members can take advantage of zero-gravity, heated massage chairs while receiving their treatments, Rosiek said. The IV drips are also safe for any age, according to the business’s website.

Prime IV Hydration and Wellness has over 50 locations open in 31 states, including two open locations in Texas, and more than 100 franchise locations sold that have not opened yet, according to its website.