Moondoll Crystal Co. opened inside the McKinney Flour Mill on Dec. 1, owner Jodie Jolley said.

The store, located at 407 E. Louisiana St., Ste. 101, offers a variety of crystals, jewelry items and other self care products. The business’s crystals are AA- and AAA-grade, which is considered the highest quality, Jolley said. The store also sells crystal jewelry and other jewelry items made by Jolley and other Texas-based artists.

The business is focused on introducing zen life to customers, which can help reduce stress and anxiety, Jolley said. Moondoll Crystal Co. also offers free monthly classes called goddess gatherings on the new moon and full moon, as well as monthly zen life classes, according to its website.

“Moondoll [Crystal Co.] is where you can come and find the tools to support you on your zen life journey and to live a more joy-filled life,” Jolley said.