When Sergio Maldonado and his wife, Lisa Hoff, opened SLM General Contractors & Roofing in September 2014, it was due, in part, to the lack of quality customer care he saw in the industry.

Maldonado started doing repairs, such as garbage disposal replacement and grout repair, for a company that owned rental properties in the area. Sometimes his wife and son, Sergio Maldonado Jr., would help on the jobs. Tenants asked if they could give his number to their friends, and a business was born.

The family then could not keep up with demand and hired subcontractors. Maldonado’s son and other staff members attended training for tile and shingle installation; how to waterproof showers; and more. Maldonado said he is hands-on and can be found hanging wallpaper, a design trend he said is making a comeback, and other work as the need arises.

Maldonado said he has noticed an uptick in people moving here from California. When potential buyers find a house they like, they call SLM to walk through it with them, and they give SLM a list of work the buyers want done.

“They pick countertops and this and that, then they go back to California and will be back in six weeks with the moving truck,” he said. “We’re remodeling while they’re gone.”

Maldonado said he feels accountable to his hometown.

“I tell people, ‘I live in McKinney, you live in McKinney, I’m bound to bump into you at the grocery store. ... I want you to say hi to me,’” he said. “I don’t want you to chase me because I didn’t do something right.”

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