ed and Sharyn Lindblad run Cocktail Creamery, a mom-and-pop ice cream store that offers a key difference—all but four of their flavors include an infusion of 4%-4.5% alcohol.

Originally from the East Coast, the Lindblads moved to Texas 10 years ago courtesy of a job opportunity offered to Sharyn at JCPenney. Ted had always enjoyed the entrepreneurial lifestyle, working in various business sectors from construction to selling high-end audio equipment. However, they dreamed of working on a venture together, the Lindblads said.

Sharyn liked the idea of an ice cream store, recalling her time working at an ice cream parlor as a teenager. Ted remembers watching his mom pour Kahlua on top of desserts when he was young and was inspired to add the twist of alcohol infusion, he said.

The Lindblads attended ice cream school in St. Louis, where they learned how to use the relevant equipment and all the ingredients that make good ice cream. They then set about putting together some recipes and samples for friends and family who provided the necessary feedback. With Ted’s creative mind and Sharyn’s business experience, the concept of Cocktail Creamery was born, the Lindblads said.

The McKinney couple looked to open in the city’s downtown area.

“We felt the area was missing a store selling good-quality, homemade ice cream,” Ted said.

Cocktail Creamery resides inside The Pantry Restaurant on Louisiana Street, just off McKinney Square. “It’s provided a good partnership and ideal location for us,” Ted said.

The ice cream is made fresh every day on-site, and the shop sells 90 flavors across sorbets, milkshakes, sundaes and sherbets. It looks to cater to those who also have dietary restrictions.The Lindblads are passionate about strong customer service, they said. “Any customer who visits should leave saying, ‘I cannot wait to come back here,’” Ted said. “If they don’t, we have failed. It’s that simple.”

Cocktail Creamery

214 E. Louisiana St., McKinney (inside The Pantry Restaurant)



Hours: Mon.-Thu. 2-10 p.m., Fri.-Sat. noon-10 p.m., Sun. noon-7 p.m.