When a decades-old architecture firm in downtown McKinney closed in 2012, Eric Ciskowski and Kobey Seale were the last two employees standing.

They were uncertain about their next steps.

Both men decided to start their own business. In January 2013, the two of them converted Ciskowski’s backyard garage into an office space, and that was the beginning of Conduit Architecture + Design.

Conduit is defined as a person or organization that acts as a channel for the transmission of something.

“We want to make the community and the world around us better through architecture—using architecture as the conduit,” Seale said.

Eight years later, the firm has designed two McKinney fire stations, the Little Elm Animal Shelter and numerous nonprofit projects, including work on a Boys & Girls Club campus in Sierra Leone.

Their current projects include McKinney Fire Station No. 11 and Tupps Brewery.

Conduit is an architecture firm that works in commercial, civic and residential spaces. The firm has grown to a six-person team and offices out of North Tennessee Street in a 120-year-old building they completely renovated.

Ciskowski said the size of their team is an asset to their success.

“Sometimes when you get to larger firms, you lose some of that personal relationship because they have teams of people that do different phases of [the project],” Ciskowski said. “With us, you’re seeing our face from start to end.”

Seale said he enjoys contributing to the city in a tangible way.

“I have kids, so it’s neat to drive by and say, ‘I worked on this fire station,’ or ‘I worked on that park,’” Seale said.

Conduit Architecture + Design

711 N. Tennessee St., McKinney



Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Closed Sat.-Sun.