Sabrina Patton was fulfilling her childhood wish when she first opened Bluebird Cottage and Cafe in October 2018.

Her father’s cafe was always an outlet for joy, she said, consistently somewhere she could see him grin until his death from heart disease when she was 14.

“My father had a cafe when I was young, so it was a dream of mine,” Patton said. “I always saw him very happy at the cafe, so I always thought the reason is because the cafe is a magical place. And as a child, I loved being there because he always smiled.”

The property, now called Bluebird Cottage Event Center, was rebranded as a for-rent space for both public and private events after Patton had to halt restaurant operations in late 2020 due to COVID-19 struggles.

But Patton still believes Bluebird fills a niche for McKinney residents not found anywhere else.

“We are very unique,” Patton said. “It's probably one of the few places in town that have a country feel.”

Potential clients are able to email Patton at [email protected] for rental details. Starting at $100 an hour, guests have full access to the building, wraparound patio and outside space.

Patton said she also plans to host several public events at Bluebird, including gardening and art classes, concerts and more.

“There’s absolutely nothing around our area—the entire McKinney area—that can provide such a low cost,” Patton said.

The return of Bluebird’s popular cafe component is not entirely off the table. Homemade breakfast and lunch dishes, often served in what Patton called “huge” portions, attracted a loyal fanbase.

The business owner said she wants to see the cafe component return but also commented on the inherent struggles in the food service industry, even before COVID-19. But if the right partners are found, its return could be sooner than later.

“Many, many, many still ask me,” Patton said. “We still have people who call and say, ‘We’re going to continue to call to check and see if you’ve brought it back.”

Bluebird Cottage Event Center

3711 FM 1461, McKinney

Hours: vary