Longtime best friends Michelle Morrical and Kathy Pollard combined their two passions to create a new venture in McKinney.

Mitzi’s Sonoma, a fine wine and gift shop in downtown McKinney, features more than a hundred fine wines in tandem with dozens of local, seasonal gifts like jewelry, food and figurines.

The project combining Morrical’s knowledge of several kinds of wine with Pollard’s keen insight into gift-giving is designed to foster friendship with the community.

“We want to be perceived as relational,” Morrical said. “We want to be in fellowship with our customers.”

The business tucked just off the McKinney Square is designed to feature a homey, folksy atmosphere, where guests can stroll through, peruse and enjoy conversation with the two owners.

The pair says they originally started this business to ensure they stay friends and keep up with each other, and their business model reflects that desire.

Mitzi’s Sonoma is a place where customers can purchase wine, then return with feedback for more refined recommendations. In addition, those seeking gifts can receive a “concierge-like” experience to find the perfect present.

“We want to be personal,” Pollard said. “We don’t want to be a standard–Walmart, Target or whatever–we want to have a personal relationship with the people that come in.”

Several cities in north Texas were looked at by Morrical and Pollard to potentially host Mitzi’s Sonoma. Ultimately, McKinney checked off all the bullet points as a city they loved, wherein their business could thrive.

Moving forward, the owners hope to open a new patio space for wine tasting events in the coming months. In addition, they’re aiming to expand wine and gift offerings further at Mitzi’s Sonoma.

Morrical and Pollard hope those who discover Mitzi’s Sonoma also discover their down-to-Earth, amicable attitudes, whether guests enjoy $100 or $10 bottles of wine.

“We go into these hoity-toity wine shops, and they're kind of snobby,” Morrical said. “We kind of wanted to do something that wasn't snobby— like a hometown place.”

Mitzi’s Sonoma

202 E. Louisiana St.



Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday: 10 a.m.-8 p.m.