INTERACTIVE: Learn what McKinney restaurants are doing to stay open during coronavirus concerns

McKinney restaurants are getting creative in an effort to continue service during the coronavirus outbreak. (Courtesy Adobe Stock)
McKinney restaurants are getting creative in an effort to continue service during the coronavirus outbreak. (Courtesy Adobe Stock)

McKinney restaurants are getting creative in an effort to continue service during the coronavirus outbreak. (Courtesy Adobe Stock)

Restaurants across the nation are shifting everyday operations to continue service during the coronavirus outbreak.

Starting March 20, the city of McKinney is requiring all restaurants to halt dine-in services until April 31, at which point dine-in services will be re-evaluated. To stay open and continue offering food to McKinney area customers, several restaurants are getting creative with their offerings.

While the map below is not a comprehensive list of every restaurant and business in our area cities, it will be updated regularly. Readers and restaurant owners who would like to share updates with our editorial team can reach out to us by emailing


11|17 1910 N. Stonebridge Drive, Ste. 180, McKinney 972-363-0031 Curbside pickup, delivery

Anamia’s Tex Mex 1821 N. Lake Forest Drive, Ste. 100, McKinney 214-385-2700 Curbside pickup, delivery

Applebee's 1820 W. University Drive, McKinney 972-562-8016 Delivery

Arlene’s Social Dining 4150 W. Eldorado Parkway, Ste. 500, McKinney 469-422-6347 Takeout, curbside pickup, delivery

Benny's Bagels 5100 Eldorado Parkway, McKinney 972-540-7707 Takeout, delivery, special deals

Bill Smith’s Cafe 1510 W. University Drive, McKinney 972-542-5331 Curbside pickup, delivery

Braums 1800 N. Central Expressway, McKinney 972-542-0541 Drive-thru, takeout

Braums 6591 W. Eldorado Parkway, McKinney 214-592-0511 Drive-thru, carryout

Brother’s Pizza 6150 W. Eldorado Parkway, Ste. 180, McKinney 972-548-4900 Delivery

Bruster's Real Ice Cream 7650 Stacy Road, Ste. 210, McKinney 214-973-5020 Takeout, delivery

Buffalo Wild Wings 2035 N. Central Expressway, Ste. 610, McKinney 972-548-0746 Curbside pickup, delivery

Cadillac Pizza Pub 112 S. Kentucky St., McKinney 972-547-3833 Curbside pickup

Cavalli Pizzeria 6851 Virginia Parkway, McKinney 972-540-1449 Takeout, curbside pickup, delivery

Chick-fil-A 6201 W. Eldorado Parkway, McKinney 972-369-0770 Drive-thru

Chick-fil-A 2011 W. University Drive, McKinney 972-569-8884 Drive-thru

Chick-fil-A 8700 SH 121, McKinney 972-396-0100 Drive-thru

Chicken Express 1930 Lake Forest Drive, McKinney 972-562-1777 Drive-thru, carryout

Chicken Express 411 S. McDonald St., McKinney 972-547-1777 Drive thru and carryout

Chicken Salad Chick 3520 W. University Drive, McKinney 972-846-8734 Curbside pickup

Chipotle 2014 W. University Drive, Ste. 300, McKinney 972-548-1542 Delivery

Chipotle 2811 Craig Drive, Ste. 100, McKinney 972-542-7337 Delivery

Cocktail Creamery 205 W. Louisiana St., McKinney 508-446-7103 Curbside pickup

Cookies in Bloom 2001 Central Circle, Ste. 107, McKinney 972-569-8383 Curbside pickup, delivery

Cotton Patch Cafe 1925 N. Central Expressway, Ste. 480, McKinney 972-542-0204 Takeout, delivery

Culver's 4200 W. Eldorado Parkway, McKinney 972-369-1190 Takeout, delivery

Dillas Quesadillas 3510 W. University Drive, Ste. 200, McKinney 214-491-4144 Drive thru, takeout and delivery

Donut Bliss 5080 Virginia Parkway, Ste. 400, McKinney 972-540-6404 Delivery

Drip N Roll 1681 N. Central Expressway, Ste. 700, McKinney 469-796-5004 Takeout

Duino Coffee 7650 Stacy Road, Ste. 200, McKinney 469-424-0050 Takeout, curbside pickup, delivery

EJ Wills Gastropub 1910 N. Stonebridge Drive, Ste, 100, McKinney 214-592-0145 Curbside pickup, delivery

El Corazon 1222 N. Central Expressway, McKinney 469-678-5011 Takeout

El Mejor Mexican Kitchen + Cantina 119 W. Virginia St., Ste. 100, McKinney 214-548-4258 Takeout, delivery

End Zone Bar & Grill 4150 Eldorado Parkway, McKinney 972-547-9779 Takeout, delivery

Fair and Square Imports, 219 E Louisiana St., McKinney, TX 75069, 469-343-4421,, local delivery, shipping

Filtered 218 E. Louisiana St., McKinney 469-219-8300 Takeout

Firehouse Subs 2890 Craig Drive, McKinney 469-952-6399 Takeout, delivery

Firo Fire Kissed Pizza 3520 W. University Drive, Ste. 400, McKinney 469-296-3476 Takeout

First Watch 3009 S. Custer Road, Ste. 600 214-271-5101 Takeout

First Watch 3530 W. University Drive, Ste. 300 469-281-0999 Takeout

Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers 8850 W. Stacy Road, McKinney 469-631-0189 Drive-thru, takeout

Fresh Mex 315 S. Chestnut St., McKinney 714-234-6855 (check online for next takeout, delivery dates)

Genghis Grill 1920 Eldorado Parkway, Ste. 400, McKinney 214-585-4745 Takeout, delivery

Golden Chick 3965 S. Lake Forest Drive, McKinney 972-369-7388 Drive-thru, takeout, delivery

Golden Chick 1001 W. University Drive, McKinney 972-548-9600 Drive-thru, carryout and delivery

Guitars & Growlers 2741 Virginia Parkway, Ste. 500, McKinney 469-714-0229 Takeout, curbside pickup, delivery

Harry's at the Harbor 6601 Mediterranean Drive, McKinney 214-592-0240 Delivery

Harvest 112 E. Louisiana St., McKinney 214-726-0251 Curbside pickup, delivery

Hat Creek Burger Co. 3321 S. Custer Road, McKinney 214-592-0534 Takeout, drive-thru, delivery

Healthy Cooking 3440 W. Eldorado Parkway, Ste. 4, McKinney 214-592-9965 Delivery

Honest Restaurant 8910 SH 121, Ste. 220, McKinney 469-634-4900 Curbside pickup, delivery

Honeylu’s 7910 Collin McKinney Parkway, McKinney 214-383-1080 (Orders accepted at 1170 N. Preston Road, Ste. 130, Prosper) Curbside pickup, delivery

Hugs Cafe 224 E. Virginia St., McKinney 469-301-6900 Takeout, delivery, special deals

Hutchins BBQ 1301 N. Tennessee St. 972-548-2629 Curbside pickup, drive-thru

I Love Juice Bar 301 N. Custer Road, Ste. 100 760-219-4641 Delivery, special deals

Jason's Deli 1681 N. Central Expressway, Ste. 500, McKinney 972-542-9393 Takeout, curbside pickup, delivery

Jersey Mike's 1821 N. Lake Forest Drive, McKinney 469-919-0969 Delivery

Jim's Pizza 208 W. University Drive, McKinney 972-542-1293 Delivery, takeout

Jimmy John's 2014 W. University Drive, McKinney 972-548-9725 Curbside pickup, delivery

Landon Winery 101 N. Kentucky St., McKinney 972-542-3030 Curbside pickup, delivery

Layered 111 E. Virginia St., McKinney 972-542-6317 Curbside pickup, delivery

Local Yocal BBQ & Grill 350 E. Louisiana St., Ste. A, McKinney 469-225-0800 Curbside pickup

Lone Star Wine Cellars 103 E. Virginia St., McKinney 972-547-9463 Takeout, delivery, alcohol available

McAlister's Deli 2107 W. Eldorado Pkwy Suite 105, McKinney 972-547-3800 Takeout, delivery

McDonald's 3200 Eldorado Parkway, McKinney 214-726-0877 Drive-thru, delivery

Mellow Mushroom 218 E. Louisiana St., McKinney 972-548-2800 Delivery, takeout

Mesa's Mexican Grill 7820 W. Eldorado Parkway, McKinney 469-617-3090 Takeout, delivery

Mooyah Burgers, Fries & Shakes 1411 N. Custer Road, Ste. 100, McKinney 972-540-2388 Takeout, curbside pickup, delivery

Mooyah Burgers, Fries & Shakes 3201 W. Eldorado Parkway, Ste. 300, McKinney 972-540-5016 Takeout, curbside pickup, delivery

Mr. Tako, 1330 N McDonald St, McKinney, TX 75071, 214-491-1898, curbside pickup

Ogi's European Bakery and Deli 1651 Eldorado Parkway, Ste. 108, McKinney 972-548-9594 Takeout, delivery

Olive Garden 1700 N. Central Expressway, McKinney 972-548-0317 Curbside pickup, delivery

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina 8930 SH 121, Ste. 530, McKinney 972-984-7888 Takeout, delivery

One & Only Burgers and Fries 1330 N. McDonald St., McKinney 469-678-5002 Delivery, takeout

Palio's Pizza Cafe 7200 W. University Drive, Ste. 190, McKinney 214-856-3991 Curbside pickup, delivery

Palio's Pizza Cafe 6405 W. Eldorado Parkway, McKinney 469-952-3000 Curbside pickup, delivery

Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza 3201 Hardin Blvd., Ste. 200, McKinney 214-491-1930 Takeout

Papa Murphy's Take N Bake Pizza 6710 Virginia Parkway, Ste. 210, McKinney 214-544-7878 Takeout

Petra 7200 W. University Drive, Ste. 100, McKinney 214-842-4875 Takeout

Red Lantern 3851 S. Stonebridge Drive, Ste. 800, McKinney 469-999-6829 Takeout, delivery

Red Rooster Barn 120 W. Virginia St., McKinney 972-548-1920 Curbside pickup

Rick's Chop House 107 N. Kentucky St., McKinney 214-726-9251 Curbside pickup, delivery

Rockfish Seafood & Grill 2780 S. Central Expressway, McKinney 972-542-2223 Curbside pickup, takeout, delivery

Rosati's Pizza 5261 McKinney Ranch Parkway, McKinney 972-548-3900 Takeout, delivery

Rye 111 W. Virginia St., McKinney 469-625-1793 Curbside pickup, delivery, special deals

Saltgrass Steak House 2801 Craig Drive, McKinney 972-529-2200 Takeout, curbside pickup, delivery

San Miguel Grill 506 W. University Drive, McKinney 972-548-2345 Temporarily closed - expected to reopen April 13th

Scooter's 2741 Virginia Parkway, Ste. 100, McKinney 214-585-0514 Drive-thru, takeout

Scotty P's 2950 Craig Drive, Ste. 304, McKinney 972-548-0795 Takeout, curbside pickup, delivery

Silk Road Thai 6851 Virginia Parkway, Ste. 300, McKinney 972-547-0436 Takeout

Smithart's Craft Food & Cheers 1751 W. Eldorado Parkway, Ste. 310, McKinney 469-225-0005 Curbside pickup, delivery

Smoothie King 1920 Eldorado Parkway, Ste. 700, McKinney 972-548-7111 Takeout

Smoothie King 3520 W. University Drive, Ste. 300, McKinney 214-856-5455 Takeout

Snug on the Square 109 N. Kentucky St., McKinney 972-548-7684 Takeout, delivery

Sonic Drive In 312 W. University Drive, McKinney 972-562-7930 Drive-thru, delivery

Sonic Drive In 6481 W. Eldorado Parkway, McKinney 469-952-6676 Drive-thru, delivery

Sonic Drive In 2950 W. Eldorado Parkway, McKinney 972-542-5708 Drive-thru, delivery

Sonic Drive In 420 N. Custer Road, McKinney 469-952-5111 Drive-thru, delivery

Sonic Drive-In 7221 S. Custer Road, McKinney 214-383-1504 Drive-thru, delivery

Spoons Cafe 100 E. Louisiana St., McKinney 972-548-6900 Curbside pickup

Spring Creek Barbeque 1993 N. Central Expressway, McKinney 972-542-8529 Curbside pickup, delivery

Square Burger 115 N. Kentucky St., McKinney 972-542-0185 Curbside pickup, delivery

Starbucks 2811 Craig Drive, Ste. 102, McKinney 972-548-7356 Takeout, drive-thru

Starbucks 3301 W. Eldorado Parkway, Ste. 100, McKinney 972-542-5553 Takeout, drive-thru

Starbucks 6841 Virginia Parkway, McKinney 972-547-9441 Takeout, drive-thru

Starbucks 1787 N. Central Expressway Ste. 200, McKinney 214-544-7928 Takeout, drive-thru

Starbucks 6100 W. Eldorado Parkway, McKinney 972-548-5140 Takeout, drive-thru

Starbucks 8900 SH 121, McKinney 972-439-3397 Takeout, drive-thru

Starbucks 2901 S. Lake Forest Drive, McKinney 972-540-1196 Takeout, drive-thru

Starbucks 2025 N. Central Expressway, McKinney 469-525-4974 Takeout, drive-thru

Starbucks 6800 W. Virginia Parkway, McKinney 972-542-8083 Takeout, drive-thru

Starbucks 1801 Lake Forest Drive, McKinney 513-762-1019 Takeout, drive-thru

Starwood Cafe 470 Adriatic Parkway, McKinney 214-973-5663 Takeout

Starwood Cafe 2821 Craig Drive, Ste. 101, McKinney 214-491-6965 Takeout

Subway 4491 W. University Drive, McKinney 469-742-9892 Takeout, delivery

Subway 7500 Stacy Road, Ste. 100, McKinney 972-369-7499 Takeout, delivery

Subway 3001 S. Central Expressway, Ste. 9, McKinney 972-542-1700 Takeout, delivery

Subway 6840 W. Virginia Parkway, Ste. 115, McKinney 972-540-6300 Takeout, delivery

Subway 1705 W. University Drive, Ste. 114, McKinney 972-548-1426 Takeout, delivery

Subway 4900 W. Eldorado Parkway, Ste. 112, McKinney 972-540-6177 Takeout, delivery

Subway 400 N. Central Expressway, Ste. 100, McKinney 972-984-8272 Takeout, delivery

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea 4701 S. Custer Road, Ste. 500, McKinney 972-369-7830 Takeout, curbside pickup

Taco Cabana 2005 W. University Drive, McKinney 972-562-8865 Delivery, drive-thru

Taco Crush 2960 W. Eldorado Parkway, Ste. 5, McKinney 469-714-4800 Takeout, delivery

Tai Sushi House 8408 W. Stacy Road, Ste. 100, McKinney 972-369-0022 Takeout, delivery

Texas Roadhouse 3101 S. Central Expressway, McKinney 972-547-6688 Curbside pickup

Thai Noodle Wave 2775 S. Central Expressway, Ste. 180, McKinney 972-542-4542 Takeout, curbside pickup, delivery

The Donut Kitchen 205 W. Louisiana St., Ste. 102, McKinney 469-617-7492 Curbside pickup, delivery

The Gelato Cone 2651 Ridge Road, Ste. 104, McKinney 214-842-4588 Takeout

The Grind Burger Bar 7500 W. Stacy Road, Ste. 150, McKinney 469-631-7330 Curbside pickup, takeout

The Pantry 214 E. Louisiana St., McKinney 972-542-2411 Curbside pickup

Tokyo Joe's 7645 Custer Road, Ste. 444, McKinney 972-332-8896 Curbside pickup, delivery

Tropical Smoothie Cafe 3805 W. University Drive, Ste. 300, McKinney 972-540-7890 Delivery

Tropical Smoothie Cafe 6675 S. Custer Road, Ste. 100, McKinney 214-548-4600 Takeout

Uncork’d Bar & Grill 301 N. Custer Road, Ste. 180, McKinney 214-592-8841 Takeout, delivery

Whataburger 8608 SH 121, McKinney 972-390-9917 Drive-thru

Whataburger 6151 W. Eldorado Parkway, McKinney 214-491-4129 Drive-thru

Whataburger 445 S. Central Expressway, McKinney 214-544-8100 Drive-thru

Whataburger 4970 W. University Drive, McKinney 972-984-1432 Drive-thru

Whataburger 9053 W. University Drive, McKinney 972-540-9156 Drive-thru

Which Wich 8950 SH 121, Ste. 310, McKinney 214-407-8766 Takeout, delivery

Which Wich 1933 N. Central Expressway, Ste. 500, McKinney 972-542-6122 Takeout, delivery

Wingstop 1521 N. Custer Road, Ste. 2200, McKinney 214-592-9464 Takeout, delivery

Wingstop 4550 W. Eldorado Parkway, Ste. 105, McKinney 972-548-1800 Takeout, delivery

Zin Zen Wine Bistro 6841 Virginia Parkway, Ste. 104, McKinney 972-547-4620 Takeout, curbside pickup, delivery, special deals
By Emily Davis
Emily graduated from Sam Houston State University with a degree in multi-platform journalism and a minor in criminal justice in Spring 2018. During her studies, Emily worked as an editor and reporter at The Houstonian, SHSU's local newspaper. Upon graduation, she began an editorial internship at Community Impact Newspaper in DFW, where she was then hired as Community Impact's first McKinney reporter in August 2018.


Thirteen drive-thru grocery stores operated by the Salvation Army of North Texas are offering backpacks filled with supplies. (Courtesy Salvation Army)
Salvation Army expands North Texas grocery service locations to include school supplies, protective equipment

Backpacks filled with school supplies, personal protective equipment, financial assistance resources and U.S. Census forms will be available at the 13 existing locations.

Collin County has reported 1,031 new COVID-19 cases since July 31. (Community Impact staff)
DATA: ZIP code 75069 reports 60 new cases of COVID-19; active cases in McKinney increase week over week

In McKinney, there were 132 new cases of the novel coronavirus between July 31-Aug. 7.

A pilot program with the McKinney Fire Department is offering free telemedicine to people who live and work in McKinney. (Courtesy Adobe Stock)
Telemedicine pilot program offers free health visits to McKinney

These visits are free during the seven-day pilot period spanning from Aug. 4-11.

Crews work to add lanes onto Sam Rayburn Tollway. (Gavin Pugh/Community Impact Newspaper)
Sam Rayburn Tollway $200M expansion on track, work progresses at McKinney intersections

The North Texas Tollway Authority’s Sam Rayburn Tollway widening project began in January 2019 and will add a fourth lane in both directions from Denton Tap Road in Coppell to US 75 in McKinney.

Rapid nasal swab antigen tests are recommended as options for individuals who were potentially exposed to a confirmed positive carrier, as well as for people traveling, returning to work or undergoing a medical procedure. (Courtesy Total Primary Care)
Find out where to get a 15-minute COVID-19 test in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth metros

Rapid nasal swab antigen tests are recommended as options for individuals who were potentially exposed to a confirmed positive carrier, as well as for people traveling, returning to work or undergoing a medical procedure.

A mother and daughter visit at Seasons Assisted Living & Memory Care in Conroe earlier in the pandemic. (Courtesy Seasons Assisted Living & Memory Care)
Texas allows limited visitations to nursing homes, long-term care facilities

Facilities that meet the requirements will allow limited visitations, but you still will not be able to hug or kiss your loved one.

SweetStop bakery holds grand opening in Richardson and more DFW-area news

Read the latest business and community news from the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

A mural depicting Texas nature and wildlife is now on the wall of Fair & Square Imports in downtown McKinney. (Miranda Jaimes/Community Impact Newspaper)
New 100-foot mural unveiled on downtown McKinney business Fair & Square Imports

The artwork is the result of Fair & Square owners Andrew and Kate Jones teaming up with local artist Andrea Holmes.

McKinney City Council has selected individuals for the Throckmorton statue advisory board. (Miranda Jaimes/Community Impact Newspaper)
Members selected for McKinney’s Throckmorton statue advisory board

Based on discussions during the council’s work sessions in July, the advisory board would review and assemble information pertinent to the statue, such as its history and the context for it, and incorporate public input.

The Confederate Soldiers Monument stands on the south grounds of the Texas Capitol. A group of Democratic lawmakers have called for its removal, along with other statues and portraits honoring the Confederacy. (Jack Flagler/Community Impact Newspaper)
State legislators seek removal of Confederate monuments at Texas Capitol

The decision may ultimately lie with Gov. Greg Abbott and the rest of the State Preservation Board, which last year authorized the removal of a plaque in the Capitol that said slavery was not an underlying cause of the Confederate rebellion.