McKinney rezones property in preparation for new retail development at US 380 and Custer Road


The first steps toward a new retail development in McKinney are underway.

During a June 4 McKinney City Council meeting, council members approved rezoning a 2-acre parcel of land on the northeast corner of US 380 and Custer Road west of Walnut Grove Road, where Brackeen Travel Sales and Auto Fleet Remarketing facilities are located.

According to applicant Kevin MacIntosh, existing structures will be demolished, and the new development, referred to as Shops at Walnut Grove Road in city presentations, will include a Valvoline, Jason’s Deli and various other retail stores in newly constructed strip centers.

A traffic signal will also be installed at the intersection of Walnut Grove Road and US 380 as part the first phase of this project.

Once Phase 1 is complete, Phase 2 will include building out property east of the newly rezoned plat.

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  1. Jason’s Deli & Valvoline, YAY! Lets make room for more nation chains in McKinney!

    Sarcasm level 10/10

  2. Well…I guess McKinney is in a race to develop as much property along that stretch of 380 to force TX Dot to move the 380 bypass further west past Lowe’s. Also, another stop light on 380…really? Might as well drop the speed limit to 45 MPH.

  3. how boring. I would be much happier if that was a cleared out area for maybe a park or pond not more concrete and cookie cutter strip mall
    and another light on 380
    it is just another Preston type road not a highway
    ok I am done complaining!

  4. Why would they need another red light at the intersection with Walnut Grove? It’s less than 1400 feet from the intersection with Custer.

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