The Krazer family is bringing a little bit of their Hawaiian farm to McKinney in the form of Kona coffee, or Hawaiian-grown coffee.

TexaKona coffee is roasted in McKinney and can be found at Pacific Tradewinds Coffee Co.’s roastery at 3103 N. McDonald Road, which opened in 2015.

“We like to say this is where hula meets howdy,” co-owner Elaine Krazer said. “The coffee beans are shipped from our farms on the Big Island in Hawaii, and we roast them right here in McKinney.”

What started as a simple roastery has turned into a coffee shop, where the first cup is always free.

“We have found our niche, and now this place has a personality,” Elaine said. “We believe community happens over a cup of coffee, and this is a cool place to be.”

Elaine and David Krazer, co-owner and Elaine’s husband, said their roastery has morphed into a place that is similar to a winery and a place individuals can come for a good cup of coffee.

“We found that people would come in to pick up their coffee, and they wanted to stay and be here,” Elaine said. “So we have tastings, and now we rent the place for book and car club gatherings and all sorts of people who want to get together.”

At the roastery the beans must be stored in a climate-controlled and airtight facility at 70 degrees Fahrenheit with 70 percent humidity.

Although David often has his hands full with the roasting process, he still makes time to give tours of the facility. On the tour he talks about how his Kona green bean, which creates a ripe and ready-to-roast coffee, is “distinct coffee that’s the opposite of the deep, harsh, bitter coffees with a bite at the end.”

The Krazers said their journey led them to McKinney because they were looking for a manufacturing site as opposed to a retail strip.

“This space suits us well for what we do, but it is difficult for people to know we are here,” Elaine said. “We get most of our business from repeat customers and word of mouth. People just need to know how to find us.”