mck-2017-01-8-2-1What we reported

The store opened April 9 and offers a variety of kitchen items, including mugs, measuring cups, bowls and spoons, as well as kitchen towels and other linens. The market also offers several drink mixes, bar items, candles and other kitchen decor items.

The latest

Since opening in April, Ettiene Market has hosted 10 private workshops focused on lifestyle and cooking topics, along with a handful of corporate team-building workshops for local businesses in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area.

What’s next

In 2017, Ettiene Market will continue to host events, and store owners said they are excited about their new collaboration with a local restaurant to offer Underground Dinner Parties at which guests will dine on an Ettiene Market-themed menu.

115 W. Louisiana St., McKinney • 214-799-5195 •

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