Q&A: David Hernandez is running for Lewisville ISD board of trustees Place 2


David Hernandez  is running for the Lewisville ISD board of trustees Place 2 seat.

He will run against Denise Riemenschneider and Allison Lassahn in the election May 5.

Community Impact Newspaper sent Hernandez a series of questions about his candidacy. His written responses, edited for publication style, are below.

  1. What do you think is the biggest issue facing Lewisville ISD?

    I believe the most important issue is giving attention to technology we utilize and make sure it’s cost-effective, has a positive impact on student education, is up-to-date and is chosen carefully. For example, Smart Boards were brought into classrooms across the district but mostly sit unused nowadays. The technology had little longevity and simply became outdated. They are used as glorified projection screens in most cases and just don’t have much use nowadays. While they may have seemed great at the time, there was no long-term plan for their usage, and as a result lots of money was simply wasted in haphazard implementation. This issue becomes more critical now with the problems of district financing and the “Robin Hood” capture of funds.

2. What are your plans to fix this issue?

Whenever new technology is brought in, there would have to be a much more rigid plan for how it would be utilized and what it could be used for, as well as a more thorough assessment of how long it would remain viable. Prior research and testing in the district would be a necessity. On another front, to make sure we have the funding to explore new technologies, we need communal support to advocate reform of the way school financing is done, as it hasn’t been looked at since 1987.  I plan on going to Austin as often as possible to advocate for public education funding fixes, as it will be necessary as we move into the future.

3. If elected, what will be your top priorities?

My main priorities are bringing stronger representation of the students’ voices and opinions, facilitating more community involvement in the district, increasing the transparency of LISD and the board, and tackling the declining enrollment issues within the district.

4. What are your plans to address the district’s declining enrollment?

LISD needs to be made a more competitive option for students and parents who see other districts and charter or private schools as better options for them. Based on the opinions of those who exit the district, we should attempt to make LISD better able to meet the needs of these students while also communicating to the community all that LISD has to offer their children.

5What are your thoughts about Lewisville ISD becoming a “Robin Hood” district?

It is disappointing to me that taxpayers will see the money that is meant to support their kids and their community be sent to the state and redistributed. I think it is unfair to those who live within LISD to have their hard-earned money be sent to the state’s general fund where it can then be used however that state legislator sees fit when there’s so much that could be improved here in our community.

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