Lewisville is planning to install a "No U-Turn" sign on southbound Josey Lane at the north driveway of Memorial Elementary School.

The city's transportation board voted unanimously Sept. 7 to recommend to City Council that the sign be installed at that spot near Memorial Elementary School, which opened to students for the 2021-22 school year. Lewisville City Council voted Oct. 4 on an ordinance to allow the change.

"Staff noticed motorists on southbound Josey Lane are unsafely stopping at the intersection in an active 50 mph travel lane to make U-turns with limited sight distance due to steep terrain," a memo from Deputy City Manager Eric Ferris stated.

The topography, high speeds and lack of a left-turn lane make U-turns at this location "especially dangerous," the memo stated.

According to the memo, Lewisville ISD plans to eventually construct a middle school on the east side of Josey across from Memorial Elementary. Whenever that campus gets built, a southbound left-turn lane will be added to the intersection, making the ban on U-turns unnecessary, the memo stated.