Flower Mound Town Council selected the Ed Bell Construction Co. to complete Phase 2 of the Waketon Road Project on May 12, a $4.3 million road revitalization and joint project with the town of Double Oak.

The construction project will run along Waketon Road from Cross Timbers Drive, in front of Double Oak’s fire station and City Hall, to 1,350 feet beyond Chinn Chapel.

The Flower Mound section of the project includes the upgrade of approximately 1,550 feet of two-lane open-ditch asphalt roadway to a two-lane urban street section with an enclosed storm drainage system.

At the Waketon Road/Chinn Chapel intersection, the construction company will install a roundabout. The project costs presented at the meeting include a stone wall, irrigation and landscaping, water line lowerings and a realignment of Chinn Chapel. Flower Mound’s proportional share of the construction award is $2.03 million.

The Double Oak section of the project includes the upgrade of approximately 2,550 feet of that same existing stretch of two-lane open-ditch section roadway to a two-lane urban street section, also with storm drainage system and sidewalk. Double Oak’s share of the construction is $2.3 million.

Because this is a joint project, the responsibilities for the project are divided. Flower Mound is responsible for contract administration. Changes of work within the Double Oak limits require Double Oak’s written approval.

Lane closures and traffic switches will be communicated through the town of Flower Mound website and on social media.