Regional fares across North Texas increased by 20 percent Aug. 18, which affects regional pass tickets sold by Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Denton County Transportation Authority and Trinity Metro.

On Aug. 27, DCTA launched a local fare promotion to encourage ridership and offer an option to offset the increase in regional fares. DCTA’s fare promotion consists of discounted ticket prices across its entire local fare structure. The promotion ends Jan. 14, 2019.

DCTA officials said they recognize the potential negative effect the regional fare increase could have on passengers and launched its local fare promotion to help mitigate concerns and keep fares affordable for its ridership base. The local fare promotion offers riders who travel regionally the option of purchasing two local passes for less than the current cost of a regional pass versus one regional pass at the increased amount.

“It’s imperative for us to remove any potential barriers for passengers to ride our system. Reducing our local fare at a time when regional fares are increasing aligns with our strategic plan,” DCTA President Jim Cline said.

New local fare promotion:

Local day pass

Current local day pass = $6

Promotional local day pass = $3

Local 10-pack of day passes

Current local 10-pack of day passes = $40

Promotional local 10-pack of day passes = $20

Regional monthly pass

Current regional monthly pass = $160

Increased regional monthly pass = $192

For riders to best used DCTA’s new local fare promotion, the agency has developed a cheat sheet guide for the most commonly used and purchased fare which can be downloaded here.

For more information about DART fare changes, click here.