Flower Mound Town Council discussed establishing a historical commission at its Aug. 8 meeting.

It is being considered to ensure the town preserves its history and historical sites, according to a meeting document. The idea was initially mentioned at a June 16 Town Council Strategic Planning Session.

The council discussed two different routes to create a historical commission. One was to appoint a board to lead the commission. The other was to support a historical society nonprofit that is already working to preserve Flower Mound’s history.

Based on research on other town’s historical commissions, supporting a historical nonprofit seemed to be the most successful, according to Town Secretary Theresa Scott.

Council members discussed these different options and, while no decision has been made, they leaned toward appointing a temporary historical commission for an exploratory study and eventually supporting a nonprofit, according to meeting discussion.

Council Member Ann Martin suggested establishing this temporary commission for two years.

“If they have substantial work, have done substantial projects and have substantial recommendations, then it can be continued,” Martin said.

Flower Mound has had a historical commission task force twice before. The first time was in 1988 when it was established with the sole purpose of creating a book to document the town’s history. This goal was achieved in 1995 and resulted in the Sweet Flower Mound Land Book, which spans from the 1800s-1994, according to meeting documents.

The second historical commission task force was formed in 1999 to discuss an addendum to the book for the years 1994-2000. An addendum was not made, according to meeting documents.

The Flower Mound Parks and Recreation Department is in charge of reviewing and updating the book, if needed. No other Flower Mound government organization oversees any historical projects, according to the meeting minutes.

The council will consider bringing forth a resolution to discuss this matter at the Aug. 22 meeting.

Council is considering opening applications for historical commission board positions prior to officially establishing a commission. If opened, applications will be found on the town’s website.