Highland Village City Council approved amendments to the "Chapter 4: Animal Control" portion of the code of ordinances at its June 28 meeting.

The council approved reducing, refunding or waiving animal fees in certain instances. The approved amendments will allow for timely action to be taken when these situations are deemed appropriate, according to the agenda item.

It is expected that there will be little to no budgetary impact in removing the resolution requirement, according to the June 28 meeting agenda packet.

Council also approved a renaming of the section titled “keeping of chickens and roosters” to “keeping of fowl.” In addition, all section references to “bird” are to be changed to “fowl.”

This change was made so the section would cover all fowl and avoid confusion “in definitions regarding what types of birds the ordinance is applicable to,” according to the agenda packet.

Lastly, the council approved an amendment to reduce the distance between a coop and the residential structure on the adjacent property, granted there is written consent from the owner and residents on the adjacent property.

The identified ordinance adjustments were approved to provide clarity and consistency regarding these matters.