Lewisville updates 2025 Vision Plan as it approaches centennial

Old Town Lewisville
Among the topics addressed in the 2025 Vision Plan is the development of Old Town Lewisville. (Community Impact Newspaper file photo)

Among the topics addressed in the 2025 Vision Plan is the development of Old Town Lewisville. (Community Impact Newspaper file photo)

Lewisville City Council has updated where it wants to see the city at its 2025 centennial.

The Lewisville City Council unanimously approved an update to the city’s 2025 Vision Plan at its regular meeting on April 19. The plan was initially conceived in 2013 to answer the question, “What do we want Lewisville to be when it turns 100 years old?”

“While the basic goals of the Lewisville 2025 plan remain intact, COVID-19, as well as a summer of racial reckoning, forever changed us and our strategies,” the introduction read in part.

The update to the plan began in 2019. The city conducted extensive community outreach to receive feedback and inform the evolving goals of Vision 2025.

Collaborative outreach meetings went on virtually with the outset of the pandemic. Still, officials managed to garner hundreds of participants and 3,875 individual comments via stakeholder meetings, departmental meetings, touch point events and more.

The plan includes updates to what have been dubbed “big moves” and “strategic moves.” Big moves include maintaining economic vitality, highlighting sustainability and promoting diverse and thriving neighborhoods.

The three strategic moves are to promote the city as a values-driven organization, to become a data-driven organization, and to become a connected city. Being a connected city, according to the plan, involves more than just transportation in the city. It also includes access to people, services and information.

The city designed the plan to be refined further as the 2025 centennial approaches. The next steps include expanding outreach and collaboration on the project, including soliciting increased involvement from Castle Hills residents as they become a part of the city. The plan also calls for a community-wide celebration for Lewisville’s centennial in 2025.

“As I said back in 2014, positive change does not happen by accident,” City Manager Donna Barron’s introduction in the plan concludes. “It happens as a result of many voices speaking up, being heard, and calling out for a shared vision that can unite a community. This is your plan, Lewisville, and I’m privileged to be part of bringing this plan to life.”

For details on what the plan entails, visit Lewisville’s 2025 Vision Plan site. The now-approved draft is available here.