Lewisville City Council has roughly $5.8 million available to allocate through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act but decided at a June 15 meeting to tuck it away for the future.

The city recently learned that the money could be maintained without a specific allocation as long as it is used by the end of the year, according to a presentation at the meeting.

The CARES Act funding, as part of an interlocal agreement with Denton County, can be used for public safety reimbursement and local business loans as well as housing, utilities and food grants.

The decision to move the money into savings rather than allocating it to specific needs was based on the knowledge that Denton County has already provided portions of its funding toward local business loans and housing, utilities and food grants.

“I don’t think you can answer this question tonight,” Deputy Mayor Pro Tem R Neil Ferguson said. “ I don’t think the information is there. ...[We’ll] see as time goes by where it needs to be allocated.”

Allocation of another roughly $450,000 available through Community Development Block Grant funding was also postponed until a later meeting when more information is available on its possible uses.

Some options for the money included funding domestic violence and child abuse services, child care and mental health programs and solving internet connectivity problems for Lewisville ISD students.

Of families who responded to a survey asking about internet access, more than 1,700 families expressed a need for connectivity. The district has roughly 700 Wi-Fi units available to its students, and a portion of the grant funding could provide upwards of 300 more devices for LISD.

Council member Brandon Jones urged the council to consider long-term options to help with connectivity in the district.

“In the future we need to find probably a permanent partnership with Lewisville ISD,” Jones said.