Denton County residents will start heading to the polls Oct. 13 when early voting begins.

See below for dates and locations for voting as well as a list of contested races that will be on the ballot in Denton County.

Voting dates and times

Early voting is expected to last from Oct. 13-30 for the Nov. 3 elections. Here are the times polls will be open at all vote centers.

Early voting

  • Oct. 13-17: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

  • Oct. 18: 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

  • Oct. 19-24: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

  • Oct. 25: 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

  • Oct. 26-30: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

Election Day

  • Nov. 3: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

Voting locations

A complete list of voting locations is available on the Denton County elections website. The county has one set of locations for early voting and a separate list for Election Day. Registered voters in Denton County can cast a ballot at any location during early voting but must vote at their assigned precinct on Election Day.

Who’s on the ballot?

Below are all the federal, state and local contested races that will be on the ballot for Denton County residents.

Ballot propositions, utility district races and candidates running unopposed are not included below.

If you are looking for your local races only, search this page for the name of where you live or for your school district. Not all municipalities and school districts have races on the ballot this cycle.



  • Donald J. Trump / Michael R. Pence (R)

  • Joseph R. Biden / Kamala D. Harris (D)

  • Jo Jorgensen / Jeremy ''Spike'' Cohen (L)

  • Howie Hawkins / Angela Walker (G)


U.S. senator

  • John Cornyn (R)

  • Mary ''MJ'' Hegar (D)

  • Kerry Douglas McKennon (L)

  • David B. Collins (G)

U.S. representative, District 24

  • Beth Van Duyne (R)

  • Candace Valenzuela (D)

  • Darren Hamilton (L)

  • Steve Kuzmich (I)

  • Mark Bauer (I)

U.S. representative, District 26

  • Michael C. Burgess (R)

  • Carol H. Iannuzzi (D)

  • Mark Boler (L)

Railroad commissioner

  • James ''Jim'' Wright (R)

  • Chrysta Castañeda (D)

  • Matt Sterett (L)

  • Katija ''Kat'' Gruene (G)

Supreme Court of Texas, chief justice

  • Nathan Hecht (R)

  • Amy Clark Meachum (D)

  • Mark Ash (L)

Supreme Court of Texas, Place 6

  • Jane Bland (R)

  • Kathy Cheng (D)

Supreme Court of Texas, Place 7

  • Jeff Boyd (R)

  • Staci Williams (D)

  • William Bryan Strange III (L)

Supreme Court of Texas, Place 8

  • Brett Busby (R)

  • Gisela D. Triana (D)

  • Tom Oxford (L)

Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3

  • Bert Richardson (R)

  • Elizabeth Davis Frizell (D)

Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4

  • Kevin Patrick Yeary (R)

  • Tina Clinton (D)

Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 9

  • David Newell (R)

  • Brandon Birmingham (D)

State Board of Education, District 14

  • Sue Melton-Malone (R)

  • Greg Alvord (D)

State senator, District 12

  • Jane Nelson (R)

  • Shadi Zitoon (D)

State representative, District 63

  • Tan Parker (R)

  • Leslie Peeler (D)

State representative, District 64

  • Lynn Stucky (R)

  • Angela Brewer (D)

State representative, District 65

  • Kronda Thimesch (R)

  • Michelle Beckley (D)

State representative, District 106

  • Jared Patterson (R)

  • Jennifer Skidonenko (D)

Second District Court of Appeals, Place 6

  • Mike Wallach (R)

  • Delonia A. Watson (D)


Commissioner, Precinct 1

  • Ryan Williams (R)

  • Sandy Swan (D)

Commissioner, Precinct 3

  • Bobbie J. Mitchell (R)

  • Delia Parker-Mims (D)


Frisco ISD trustee, Place 4

  • Dynette A. Davis

  • Amit Kalra

  • Muni Janagarajan

  • Sean Heatley (listed on ballot but has dropped out of race)


Trustee, Place 6

  • Lillian Rauch

  • Jennifer Zazula

Trustee, Place 7

  • Jennifer Murphy

  • Ron Hastings

Bond election (four propositions)

  • Proposition A: School facilities and capital improvements, $937,702,000

  • Proposition B: Other recreational facilities, $23,573,000

  • Proposition C: Renovations to stadiums, $8,840,000

  • Proposition D: Technology Devices, $16,485,000

Special election: Voter-approved tax rate election

  • Proposition E: Ratify effective tax rate of $1.4663 per $100 valuation


Town Council, Place 2

  • David Johnson

  • Sandeep Sharma

Town Council, Place 5

  • Ann Martin

  • Claudio Forest


City Council, Place 5

  • Laura Rummel

  • Ruan Meintjes

  • Rob Cox

  • Josh Meek

  • Ram Majji

  • Dan Stricklin

  • Hava Johnston

City Council, Place 6

  • Sai Krishna

  • Brian Livingston

  • Sadaf Haq


City Council, Ward 1

  • Holly Gray-Moore

  • John Dolly


City Council, Place 1

  • Sabreena Hakemy

  • Kathy Talley

City Council, Place 6

  • Randy Williamson

  • Victor Avila