Lewisville ISD board of trustees approved raising employee salaries by 3% at the midpoint of their respective pay grade.

The pay increase was one of six proposals involving employee pay that the board unanimously approved at its June 14 meeting.

In addition to the pay raises, the board approved a one-time retention payment of $500 to all full-time district employees. Part-time employees will receive a pro-rated amount. The payment will go to those employed with the district on or before Sept. 1, 2021, with the payment to be made no later than Nov. 30, according to the district.

"The board recognizes not just that this year was a tough year, which it was, but that we appreciate the work that's done to get us to the performance that we have in our schools and taking care of the students and families," board president Tracy Scott Miller said.

The board also voted to set the salary for first-year teachers at $56,925 across the district. Minimum hourly rates for all pay grades will be increased to $15, according to another board vote.

Board members also approved an extra $3,000 incentive stipend to special education staff on top of their current $2,500 payment for their difficult and vigorous work lives, the board said. The timing of the stipend will be determined by human resources staff, according to board discussion.

A sixth measure OK'd by the board of trustees called for a market adjustment on salaries of teachers with 6 to 19 years of experience. Those salaries will be increased to at least 100% of the market, according to the board's motion.