The trend toward fewer COVID-19 cases in Lewisville ISD has influenced administrators’ decision to offer limited-capacity summer activities and return to a standard seven-hour and 15-minute school day next year.

Students currently spend an extra 25 minutes on campus each day to prevent adding days to the end of the school year if campus schedules are disrupted by COVID-19.

The adjustment to the 2021-22 class schedule means elementary and middle school students will get out of class 25 minutes earlier, and high schools will start 10 minutes later and release students 15 minutes earlier, according to discussions at the April 12 board meeting.

Lewisville ISD has seen a “steady decline” of COVID-19 cases since January. As of April 9, the district had three new student cases and one new staff case and was tracking a total of 34 cases among students and staff.

During the week of April 19, the district will announce modifications to COVID-19 policies that will go into effect for the remainder of the current school year, Superintendent Kevin Rogers said at an April 12 school board meeting. The changes will not be a full step back from the “level orange” procedures but will include things most parents and staff “will appreciate,” he said. Wearing masks and social distancing will still be required.

The district is asking parents to respond to a survey by April 16 if they want their students to attend class virtually next year.