Officials in Lewisville ISD are preparing fallback plans they hope they never have to use—partial or full closings of schools if the coronavirus cannot be contained.

The board of trustees on Aug. 24 authorized district administrators to seek a waiver from the state to allow a hybrid instruction model at the high school level.

“This is not a waiver that we expect to use,” Superintendent Kevin Rogers told trustees before the vote. “We are asking for your approval, just as a tool in the toolbox.”

The hybrid model would only be implemented if campuses had to shut down again due to COVID-19 spread, Rogers said. This hybrid model would involve high school students spending some time in the classroom and some time learning from home.

The other main option would be a total shutdown of high school campuses and a full switch to remote learning, Rogers said.

The board’s decision came shortly before a Texas Education Agency deadline for seeking the waiver for hybrid instruction at high schools, Rogers said.

“We think there’s some merit to the hybrid model instead of going [fully] remote, but the problem right now is that TEA doesn’t allow that model for anyone other than high schools,” Rogers said.