Demographers expect Lewisville ISD to continue to decline in enrollment


At the May 13 Lewisville ISD board of trustees meeting, Templeton Demographics gave a quarterly update on enrollment, employment and housing information for the areas LISD serves.

The update showed LISD has declined by 583 students in the last five years and will continue to decline by approximately 500 students in the next school year.

Templeton Demographics Representative Rocky Gardiner said Texas as a whole has seen a “tremendous slow down in enrollment.”

In the 2018-19 school year, Texas had an enrollment growth of about 32,000 students, which Gardiner said has been as high as 80,000 students in previous years.

Gardiner said charter schools received 20,000 of that enrollment growth and public schools around 12,000.

Part of LISD’s decline is due to charter school growth, but also because exiting senior classes have been significantly higher than the incoming kindergarten classes, according to Gardiner.

However, Gardiner said he does anticipate the district having a fairly large kindergarten class next year.

“We expect the kindergarten class will be up by 100 students, where last year it declined by 40 [students],” he said.

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    • I wish they would have reported this with an analysis of residency in the LISD district. Is there also a corresponding decline in residency, particularly those who pay property taxes. I would agree, property taxes are completely out if control.

  1. Property taxes are out of control because LISD residents are paying for 2 public education systems – LISD and State approved, privately-operated charter schools. These schools reduce LISD’s funding by over $20 million per year and increase the cost of public education as two seats are funded for students. The private charter Responsive Education Solutions, which has numerous charter schools in LISD gets over $140 million of taxpayer dollars per year!
    Don’t blame LISD – blame the State and charter schools.

    • Enrollment isn’t going down because funding is being sucked up by charter schools. It is declining because of poor performance by LISD and the poor leadership of the superintendent. Pulled my kids out of LISD and enrolled them in private school. A decision supported by family members being employed in the school system and sharing their observations. It’s a circus run by clowns wanting to raise ticket prices year after year. NO!

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