Creating an authentic Indian experience was so important to Delhi 6 owners—and brothers—VJ and AJ Jain that many of the restaurant’s defining features were custom-made in India and imported to Highland Village.

These include a traditional tandoor oven in the kitchen, the full bar, many of the decorations and the iron gates at the restaurant’s entrance.

Unfortunately, much of the brothers’ early excitement was dampened by the coronavirus pandemic, which began making waves in the community within weeks of Delhi 6’s opening. At that point, VJ, his brother and their team began problem-solving how to remain open as a new restaurant. Delhi 6 was too new to receive assistance from many of the available programs, and it had not yet started offering daily takeout.

“In your life, nothing is easy,” VJ said. “Things will get complicated. ... But if you focus on what you can do, that will help eliminate some of the problems.”

This mantra helped Delhi 6 make its way through the first round of shutdowns, VJ said.

Now, the restaurant is preparing to release its full menu and is launching its own delivery service.

While people will still be able to order from third-party services, such as GrubHub and UberEats—companies that have more ability to spread the word of Delhi 6’s opening—VJ said he will be encouraging guests to order directly through their website and delivery service.

“These companies take 30% from our total ticket price,” VJ said. “That’s a big hit.”

The brothers were waiting for more traffic to debut their full menu, according to VJ. But with the opening of the AMC nearby and higher capacities indoors, now seemed like the right time, he said.

With the new menu, guests will be able to try a few new, rich curry options, and there will be lighter fare for health-conscious guests. At the same time, Delhi 6 will be expanding its dessert options.

As the restaurant draws near to a landmark—six months of being open—Delhi 6 continues to ingrain itself in the community, VJ said. Delhi 6 currently sponsors a local high school and is looking for partnerships within the community to work on programs, such as its previous Happy Meal program, through which it gave out free meals to residents.

“If somebody needs some sort of help, they can count on us,” VJ said.

Delhi 6

61700 Cottonwood Creek, Ste. 110, Highland Village