Chef puts his own flair on American food at Dido’s Urban Grill in Flower Mound


When Gary DiDominick prepares food for his customers, he said he thinks about the flavors of the season.

Gary, the chef of Dido’s Urban Grill, said he uses his education and work experience that he gained in San Francisco daily. In the Bay area, he learned the value of basing a menu on the freshest produce that is in season. He took that training and has adapted it for the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“Your region, your locality, is going to drive what you put on your menu and how you phrase it,” he said.

Gary, who had wanted to open his own restaurant, moved back to Texas from the Bay area at his parents’ recommendation, co-owner and Gary’s father Ernie said.

“[My wife Pam] had suggested that he consider moving back here to open a restaurant, that it was more feasible,” Ernie said.

The DiDominicks opened their eatery in July 2015 in Flower Mound.

When new customers come in, the owners and staff try to take note and help them feel at home.

“We always try to visit our tables, Pam or I, whoever’s here, to see how things are, especially if they’re new,” Ernie said.

Some of the restaurant’s guests face a difficult choice when it’s time to order, Ernie said: stay with their favorite menu staple or try something new.

The food offered is “modern American food with a twist,” Ernie said.

“[I put] my own flair on American food so it’s not just another chicken and waffles or another burger,” he said.

One of the items that has been on the menu since day one is the Fried Chicken and Mac Waffles.

The dish features two fried boneless chicken thighs with a crisp coating sitting atop two waffles baked with macaroni and cheese in the batter. Baby greens and maple bourbon syrup accompany the dish.

Dido’s doesn’t have a microwave or heat lamps, and almost all of the food Dido’s offers is made from scratch. The salad dressings and soups are made in-house. The salmon for the Scottish Salmon is bought as fresh whole sides, which are cut in the restaurant.

Gary and his team serve up different flavors of cheesecakes ($8), such as Fruity Pebbles, bread pudding, S’mores and carrot cake, which is Gary’s grandmother’s recipe.

Those looking for a place to go for brunch can visit the grill on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Some of the brunch offerings include Eggs Bene, which features a chipotle hollandaise, baby greens and country potatoes as well as sourdough French toast, which is topped with bourbon maple syrup, berry compote, caramel sauce, candied pecans and whipped cream.

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