Lewisville City Council approved an ordinance for a zoning change along with two waivers for a portion of the South Village development, which is located just south of the center of Old Town.

The council voted 4-0 to waive the requirement for a 10-foot landscape strip adjacent to all public and private streets and waive the required shade tree every fifth linear feet within the landscape strip. Council member Ronni Cade was not present for the Dec. 6 council meeting.

The original plan included 51 single-family lots, 12 townhouse lots and one mixed-use building with ground floor commercial and 16 condominium units on the second and third floors with limited dedicated parking. With the latest proposal, the developer sought to convert four undeveloped single-family lots directly west of the mixed-use building into a three-story building with eight additional condominiums above 16 garage parking spaces on the first floor, according to the agenda item.

The public hearing item was previously discussed during a Nov. 15 council meeting when the developer requested a change in parking from city requirements. That request looked to change the parking requirement from two parking spaces per unit to 1.5 space. The parking revision has since been rescinded from the developer, according to the agenda item.

The development will have parking on site, and it will also use eight public parking spaces off-site that have yet to be determined, Lewisville Planning Director Richard Luedke said during the council’s pre-meeting workshop. The parking situation has improved, Luedke said.