The developer behind the Riverwalk at Central Park in Flower Mound says he is considering replacing the project’s proposed amphitheater with a commercial event space north of the restaurant row.

Mehrdad Moayedi of Centurion American on March 1 told council members that his team has approached The Hub, a Florida-based food and entertainment concept, about opening a new operation at the Flower Mound property.

Plans for the amphitheater have already been approved, but Moayedi said even if they could attract 15-20 events to the venue each year, it may not be enough to cover the costs to the developer.

One advantage of working with The Hub, Moayedi said, is that the company would organize its own events throughout the year, including concerts, movie nights and watch parties for sports games.

The change, if eventually approved, is not expected to affect Centurion American’s plans for a farmer’s market and splash pad, which would remain part of the plans for the Riverwalk, Moayedi said.

The ongoing effects of the pandemic have also pushed back the developer’s planned opening date for the earliest restaurants on the river feature, Moayedi said.

Primo’s and Sfereco are now expected to open in May, with Scout following suit in June.