The Flower Mound Planning and Zoning Commission approved proposed site plans for a Los Caminos restaurant in the Lakeside area.

The property will be located south of Lakeside Parkway and east of International Parkway, according to the Aug. 29 agenda item.

The restaurant’s owners requested an exemption to the town’s architectural standards and a waiver to architectural standards in the town’s urban design plan for roof pitch.

The proposed building exceeds the 80% allowable stucco on all four elevations. However, the majority of buildings in the area exceed the threshold, according to the agenda item. The proposed site is consistent with the surrounding development, keeping with the requirement of a unified design theme, according to the agenda item.

Los Caminos is also seeking the approval of a waiver request for a lower roof pitch, which falls outside of the parameters established in the town’s urban design plan. The lower roof pitch will also reflect and complement adjacent buildings, according to the agenda item.

“I think it looks great. I think it looks very similar to what’s across the street,” commission Chair Brad Ruthrauff said. “It’s a good location for a restaurant. I don’t have any concerns about the pitch roof issue.”

The item will go before the Town Council for final approval.