Denton County continues to see a decrease in COVID-19 cases, said Juan Rodriguez, the county’s public health department assistant director.

Seven deaths were reported during the week of Feb. 28, which brought the county total to 796, Rodriguez said during a March 8 Denton County Commissioners Court meeting.

The number of people who are sick each week continues to decrease. The most recent week of data from Feb. 20-26 reported 221 cases, Rodriguez said.

“Just in a matter of six weeks we’ve gone from 15,000 to 221, which is just amazing,” he said. “We don’t expect that number to grow very much.”

The decline of pediatric cases reflects that of adult cases. During the week of Feb. 20, 45 pediatric COVID-19 cases were reported, Rodriguez said. Six weeks ago more than 4,000 pediatric cases were reported in a week.

“As quickly as we rose, we really came down,” he said.