Fia Allen-Cole and LaShune Edmond wanted something to keep their minds busy during the pandemic. They fell in love with floral arrangements and eventually bought Bloom-A-Round, a floral shop in Flower Mound, last year.

Bloom-A-Round is a shop that offers custom flower arrangements and flower arranging classes. It is located in the Lakeside DFW development between Craft Pies Pizza Co. and Mobile Kangaroo.

Edmond said the pandemic was difficult, and they wanted to keep their mental health a top priority.

“We were just trying to make sure we were keeping ourselves busy,” Edmond said. “When we started doing a [flower arrangement] class and we started doing a little bit more research, we saw all the health benefits of having fresh flowers around and how it uplifts your mood.”

The duo turned their newfound love of flower arranging into a side business during the pandemic under the name Floral Design by Delilah Jean.

They started out doing small events, such as birthday parties and engagements. They were later invited to host a pop-up shop at the Galleria Dallas for Valentine’s Day, Edmond said.

From there, the business continued to grow. Flower arranging became a full-time job when they were approached by the previous owner of Bloom-A-Round. They purchased the shop in July 2021 shortly after.

They kept the name Bloom-A-Round to make the transition easy, but rebranded to be called Bloom-A-Round Floral Design by Delilah Jean.Allen-Cole and Edmond both work remote in their other full-time jobs, and they also run the shop full time.

“It is very chaotic in here sometimes, but just to be able to step away and put together two or three designs really helps,” Edmond said.

In addition to having two full-time jobs, both have husbands and kids, who they make a priority even with their hectic schedules, they said.On the weekends, the shop is open by appointment only.

“The reason why we’re appointment only is because we really value our time with our kids,” Edmond said.

The shop offers flower arrangements for any occasion, and the duo tries not to turn customers away, Edmond said.

“We’re just two hardworking girls, honestly, and we just really want to build something that’s long-lasting and something that, you know, our kids can take and run with it when the time comes,” Edmond said.

Bloom-A-Round Floral Design by Delilah Jean

2451 Lakeside Parkway, Ste. 120,

Flower Mound


Hours: Mon., Fri. 10 a.m.-3 p.m.;

Tue.-Thu. 10 a.m.-4 p.m.;

Sat.-Sun. by appointment only

Floral Offerings

Here are some arrangement options from the shop.

Floral cube: $65

Tiffany: $100

The Farrah: $80

Small Designers Choice: $80

Large Designers Choice: $200

Garden Boat: $100

Better Days: $225

Comfort: $275

With Sympathy: $225