Legacy Music Studio is the hair salon of music studios, owner Jenny James said.

“This is a place for creatives,” James said. “We’re not your grandma’s piano lessons.”

Similar to a hair salon, the studio offers space for teachers to rent and handle their own schedules and clients, James said. By doing that, teachers who are active musicians have the flexibility to work when they can.

Legacy Music Studio opened about five years ago at a strip mall location in Lewisville. It was not until 2020 that James and the rest of the team moved to their new home at the Old Town Legacy House in Old Town Lewisville.

Before opening the studio, James taught piano lessons, and before that she was a classroom teacher. Legacy Music Studio created an environment where she can teach music in a collaborative setting, she said. “I love the energy of being with others,” James said. “We work together as a team.”

The instructors offer lessons in vocals, guitar, drums, piano, bass and violin. Though if a student has an interest in other music options, an instructor is likely to learn it themselves for the student, she said.The house is also equipped with a recording studio where local musicians can record albums.

Beyond music, James and the staff look to create a community with students and their families. Most importantly, James wants to instill a sense of confidence in each musician that walks into the Legacy House. Community is an important part of Legacy Music Studio, James said. James tries to be flexible with her students and their families when it comes to paying for lessons, she said. Lessons are offered through a flat rate, but she works with families to ensure the child is the focus of lessons.

Lessons last about 30 minutes, and instructors focus on making each of those minutes positive, James said.

“If you cultivate (a love of music) early, they’ll want to keep doing it,” she said. “We want our kids to feel better about themselves when they leave here.”

The students also participate in the Legacy House Band, which is the band made up of people from the studio that performs at local restaurants and venues.

James hopes to build a stage in the yard of the Legacy House to host its own performances.“We focus on love,” she said. “It really is the connection with the student and teacher.”

Legacy Music Studio

135 W. Walters St., Lewisville



Hours: Mon.-Thu. noon-7 p.m.,

Fri. 3-7 p.m.

Sun. 1-6 p.m.


Private lessons: 30 minutes of one-on-one in-person instruction

Virtual lessons: 30 minutes of instruction with one teacher on an online platform

Group lessons: one hour with three students and one teacher