Caddo Office Reimagined is under construction at 2201 Spinks Road, Flower Mound.

Once complete, the coworking space will offer more than 160 private office suites as well as conference rooms, unique shared spaces and kitchen amenities for members.

“Our neighborhood location will provide a comfortable and professional work environment close to home, allowing members to get their work done and be home in time for dinner,” marketing consultant Jaclyn Amend said in an email.

The private office suites are enclosed with lockable doors and are offered with a 60-day cancellation, no-term lease, according to Amend.

“We partner with our communities to provide this ideal combination of convenience, flexibility, safety and security—while keeping costs low and terms fair and transparent—so that members can focus on their business and the things that are most important to them,” she said.

Caddo Office Reimagined caters to small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for a convenient, professional and safe office.

“The flexibility offered through our no-term lease structure with 60-day cancellation gives business owners the ability to increase and decrease their space easily as their needs fluctuate,” Amend said.

According to Amend, Flower Mound was an attractive location in which to build for a variety of reasons.

“There are a high percentage of professionals in Flower Mound, which makes the neighborhood a great fit for this flexible office concept,” she said. “The close proximity of this particular piece of land to the Lakeside community and all the amenities offered there, such as restaurants, shops and entertainment, made it even more appealing to us. Lastly, the ease of access to transportation, including highways and the airport, make it a great location for a Caddo Office Reimagined building.”

Hardhat tours are expected to be available by April, and the offices are planned to be open by fall 2021.

Caddo Office Reimagined

2201 Spinks Road, Flower Mound