Since taking over Studio Art House in 2012, Anita and Marty Robbins have aimed to make it a place where people can connect through art.

The business, which was first established in 2000, offers art classes for beginners as well as for advanced artists looking to perfect their skills. Studio Art House also offers camps, parties and a variety of workshops.

“We know that everybody has the creativity within them,” Marty said. “And if you just start by working at it consistently, then everything else—your whole life—is just enhanced.”

Every instructor at Studio Art House is a degreed, professional artist, according to Anita and Marty.

Anita, a professional artist who has sold her work across the world, often teaches classes herself.

“The goal is to get you to a point where you can take whatever is in your mind and put it out there for people to see,” she said. “Art is not perfection; it’s perception. It’s helping people to see the world the way you see it. But you can’t always just do that. So we help students develop their skills to the point that they can do that.”

In addition to classroom space, the studio also features a for-sale gallery of art by students and instructors. Marty said it is important that Studio Art House not only teaches artists but supports them as well.

The business brings people from all walks of life together over a shared interest in being creative, Anita said.

Studio Art House hosts classes at senior living facilities and sometimes partners with psychologists to conduct art therapy. Additionally, high school students often come to Studio Art House to build up their portfolios.

“A lot of people also come to us when they move here from somewhere else and they don’t speak English natively,” Anita said.

As a result of this, Anita has taught students from Ecuador, Russia, Korea and beyond.

“Our customers are of all different ages and backgrounds,” she said. “But when they’re doing their art, you know, it’s just one language.”