Bicycles Plus aims to meet cyclists’ needs in Flower Mound


Bicycles Plus has served both avid and novice cyclists in North Texas for more than 15 years.

Store manager Frank Tucker said the store’s longevity can be distilled down to making changes to meet demand. Successful stores today, he said, often partner with major brands, much like Bicycles Plus has done with Trek.

While Bicycles Plus peddles mostly Trek brand bikes, the retailer also offers a number of other notable bike brands, including Pinarello, Colnago and Mosaic.

In addition to bicycles customers can also choose from a variety of gear, such as helmets, shoes and repair parts. Bicycles Plus also sells cyclist gear, such as Oakley sunglasses and Patagonia bags.

The store offers its customers a variety of options, including a full-service repair shop, knowledgeable staff, trade-in specials and sales on late-model bicycles.

The family-owned shop also offers customers lifetime adjustments.

In addition those without bikes can rent road and mountain bikes to use temporarily. Rentals cost about $75 per day and can extend to periods of weeks and months. Tucker said the store often works with customers to make long-term rentals more

Bicycles Plus also asks beginners and seasoned riders alike to join the store’s staff in regular weekly rides offered on Monday, Sunday and Friday of each week. While most rides are child- and beginner-friendly, Friday’s rides are geared toward a more experienced audience.

Weekly tech clinics also teach bike owners the skills to keep their machines in great shape.

A perk of Bicycle Plus’ large variety of merchandise is that customers are able to customize their bicycles to match their personalities, Tucker said.

“The bike [is sold]as a cookie-cutter portion,” Tucker said, referencing his own bicycle. “From there I’ve added the white decals to the wheels; I’ve added the green bar tape; I’ve added aesthetics to make it look a little more pleasing to myself or to what I think a good-looking bike should look like.”

Tucker first discovered his passion for cycling around 15 years ago. He said he bought his first bike when looking for a new hobby, and what began as a healthy way to spend spare time soon became a lifestyle that enthralls him to this day.

After more than a decade in the cycling community, Tucker said he knows what customers want in their bike-buying experience.

Tucker said Bicycles Plus aims to meet those same needs in its customers with its dedication to quality service provided by professional, avid cyclists who staff the store.

“When customers come in they can feel that. Walking in the door, they feel more welcome and more at home. More like they’re not being sold to but like they’re being helped,” Tucker said.

And for store employees the owner “makes it feel like you’re part of the family, and that Bicycles Plus is a family-type thing. You’re involved with everything, whether it’s picking a bike to order or deciding if we should move this here or that, Tucker said.”

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