Music City Mall Lewisville General Manager Richard Morton unveiled two stone tablets Friday afternoon—the largest of which displays all Ten Commandments and weighs over 5,900 pounds.

“Our owner [Investment Corporation of America] owns many properties and places these at each one," Morton said. "It’s family-oriented and sends that message."

A smaller, second tablet highlights two commandments and weighs in at 1,800 pounds. The two monuments could not be displayed in the same location because of the weight.

Northside Baptist Church Pastor Mark Dallalio said a prayer to dedicate the new tablets. More than three dozen mall shoppers gathered to watch the unveiling.

“I think it’s great, I’m excited,” Denton resident Colette Franklin said. “I think it’s great we can get back to things that we used to have and make people aware of this foundation. We teach these values already to our kids, and this helps to enforce it.”

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