Construction aimed to improve Coppell’s parks and trail system at Moore Road Park began late January.

A new boardwalk structure will be installed along the south side of the pond that is near the parking lot at Moore Road Park, according to Coppell Community Experiences.

Moore Road Park is located in a flood plain. The park is prone to rising water levels during large rain events, and the city was forced to remove the former wooden boardwalk that existed in 2012 due to large rain events over the years, according to the Nov. 8 City Council agenda item.

City leaders were urged by residents to prioritize efforts to bring a new and improved boardwalk to the park. A contract was executed between the city and Halff & Associates for the Moore Road Boardwalk that included a design of an elevated boardwalk that could be engineered to withstand large flooding events.

The project was put on hold in early 2020. Planning resumed in 2021. The design phase was completed for both the boardwalk and the erosion projects in 2022.

Coppell City Council approved a bid award to Rebcon LLC on Nov. 8. The preliminary cost estimate in 2019 was $1.03 million; however, rising costs for supplies and materials have pushed the cost to $1.95 million. The city has continuously looked for ways to help with cost savings, according to officials. Funding is available through the American Rescue Plan Act.

The concrete boardwalk will be 486 feet and will have a safety handrail. Construction crews will drill 66 piers at depths that range from 20 feet to 40 feet.

The project is anticipated to be completed in December.