Coppell officials outlined a plan that will use American Rescue Plan Act funds to help cover the cost of debris removal in the city following severe storms in late May.

A contract worth nearly $400,000 was approved by Coppell City Council during a June 18 special meeting.

“We are cautiously optimistic that [$400,000] represents a worst-case scenario,” Deputy City Manager Traci Leach said.

Two-minute impact

The contract will help cover the costs of debris removal in the city, which is expected to last the next few weeks, Leach said. According to city documents, the contract includes a total of $399,600 allocated for transportation and disposal, including:
  • $236,600 for disaster recovery firm Crowder Gulf to handle debris removal and hauling
  • $50,000 for compost and recycling company Living Earth to handle disposal of hauled debris
  • $130,000 for contingency in case the contract needs to be extended or additional trucks are needed
Debris removal in the city began June 7 with collections totaling 140 tons in the first six collection days, Leach said. City officials have published an online map detailing progress with collections.

“It was very clear to us that there were a number of challenges and conditions on the ground that were making progress slower than we would like,” Leach said, noting long turnaround times for trucks going to dump collected debris and the volume of debris collected.

Digging deeper

Using Wagon Wheel Park as a temporary dumping site, Leach said 506 tons of debris have been collected in the last six days.

Per city documents, three trucks will focus on collecting debris across the city through June 24. From June 24-27, one truck will begin hauling debris to Living Earth, while the other two trucks continue collections.

Starting June 27 through June 30, all three trucks will haul debris to Living Earth.

What’s next?

By July, city staff anticipate there will no longer be a need for Crowder Gulf to assist with collection, Leach said.

Starting July 1, Republic Services, which typically handles wast collection, will collect any remaining debris and haul collected material outside the city, according to city documents.