As more corporations bring headquarters to Coppell, the city has seen the amount of taxes collected on commercial developments more than double over 30 years.

The latest relocations are two brands under Florida-based kitchen equipment vendor Welbilt Inc. Convotherm and Merrychef are joining nearly 30 other businesses with headquarters in Coppell. Those brands are also creating around 50 jobs.

Coppell Mayor Wes Mays said the trend of companies relocating to Coppell–including McLaren, AstraZeneca and Dave & Buster’s–is not new and is reflected in the concentration of properties that have been zoned for commercial development.

“The businesses are paying their way into town, allowing our residents to have a high level of service at a relatively low [tax] rate,” he said.

What’s happening

Mays said Coppell has the location, infrastructure and city services to attract corporations of all sizes.

Director of Community Development Mindi Hurley said 11 Fortune 500 companies have a presence within Coppell.

Hurley added that corporate tenants’ presence helps provide traffic that will frequent local businesses and enhance Coppell’s economy.

“As these employees settle in and around Coppell, they become active members of the community,” said Ellie Braxton, Coppell Chamber of Commerce president and CEO.

Hurley said other aspects such as the schools and a strong transportation network make Coppell desirable.

“This location lets us build a team with great talent from across the metroplex,” said Andrea Weidlich, senior director of marketing for Vari, a Coppell-based furniture company.

In certain cases, Hurley said developing specific areas to cater to companies, such as Coppell’s western area, which has been designed around warehouses, will help shape future development within the city.

Zooming in

Coppell primarily grants tax abatements as part of its economic development toolkit, Hurley said. When evaluating incentive packages, potential infrastructure, job creation and capital investment in Coppell are analyzed by city staff.

Hurley said companies choosing to locate in Coppell also help boost local hotel tax revenues as out-of-town employees come in to visit.

“Welbilt is a great example,” Hurley said. “They are not only providing jobs in town and the tax base...they are bringing the visitors that come in.”

What they’re saying

“New businesses often bring fresh perspectives, technologies and ideas that can boost the competitiveness of existing businesses, and foster a spirit of collaboration and entrepreneurship within the community,” Braxton said.

“We’re in an extremely good place; we’re doing things that most other cities can only dream about,” Mays said.

What’s next

Construction on the building for Convotherm and Merrychef, located at 1010 W. Sandy Lake Road, will likely last throughout 2024, said John Castro, a consultant who worked with city staff on the project. Economic incentives for the project are slated to begin in 2025.

“We are excited for what the future holds for our brands in Coppell,” said Ryan Blackman, vice president of marketing and communications for Ali Group North America, the parent company of Welbilt.

Hurley said city staff also focus on updating maps outlining the preferred uses for open land along with supporting existing companies in Coppell. She added that staff regularly check in with corporate tenants to identify potential needs.

“We’re being proactive in our development standards so that we stay ahead of the needs and trends [of corporations],” Hurley said.