Plans for Holmes Builders’ 63-home gated community, Blackberry Farms, are back on track after amendments for the planned development were approved.

Coppell City Council approved the changes during its Oct. 24 meeting, adding an extra condition stipulating the construction of the entrance prior to issuing a certificate of occupancy for residences for the planned development zoning and informing the developer that two other items pertaining to a construction yard and unique street signs can be considered administratively. The consideration of the zoning case took place as a continuation of a public hearing to allow staff to process additional requirements proposed by Holmes Builders President Terry Holmes during the Oct. 10 meeting.

The overview

The main focus of the planned development amendment is to privatize the neighborhood roads, which will make the neighborhood’s homeowners association responsible for maintenance, according to city documents. The homeowners association will also be responsible for the maintenance of a bridge and street signs within the gated neighborhood.

A proposed amendment to the neighborhood’s amenities did not receive a recommendation for approval from the Coppell Planning and Zoning Commission. Holmes previously stated he would likely return with a new amenity plan in a separate zoning case at a later date after the commission didn’t recommend approval for the change to a pool and pickleball courts from a community garden.

What else?

Plans to construct 54 of the 63 homes in the first phase and nine in the final phase are unaffected by the planned development amendment.

Other conditions approved as part of the planned development changes include:
  • Refiling plats to reflect the change to private streets
  • Updating the covenants for the homeowners association to include information about maintenance for entry features and gates, exterior neighborhood walls, and private streets
  • Retaining all existing planned development conditions